Fun Birthday Party Photography

In Medway, Dartford, Bexley and Kent


Birthdays are not only celebrations of growing older, but of new milestones and the joy of life. Make a birthday extra special for yourself or for your loved ones with memories that last a lifetime. With my Birthday Party Photography service, it’ll be a birthday bash to remember.

Booking the Shoot

The secret to beautiful birthday party photographs is planning. Prior to booking a session, you can discuss your preferences with me and tell me everything you want to see in your photographs. Whether it’s photos of outdoor activities or intimate portrait shots, I tailor my photography service to fit your needs. I will create a brief and use it as a guide throughout the shoot, making sure you get your desired outcome. 

On the Day

Once I arrive at the venue of the party, I’ll begin shooting as soon as I’m through setting up my equipment. I’ve done photography services for a number of birthday celebrations and I make sure to capture unforgettable moments on camera. My sessions are usually one to three hours long, but we can discuss your preferred time beforehand. I take numerous photographs throughout the party so that I have a wide selection of images for your final portfolio. 


The raw images are edited in my office. I take the greatest photos from the lot and collate them before I send you the digital copies for your perusal. Once you’re done browsing through the photos, you can tell me which ones you like best. 


At Annie Marshall Photography, high-quality printing is our priority. I work with trustworthy printing businesses who run several colour calibration tests every day, ensuring their equipment produces the highest quality images at all times. The prints are mounted and displayed in gorgeous, hard-wearing frames, cementing the highlights of your birthday and turning them into lasting memories.

For excellent Birthday Party Photography services in Medway, Dartford, Bexley and Kent, get in touch with me today.