Family Photography Services

In Bexley, Medway, Dartford and Kent

It often takes a lot of work to get the entire family to pose for a photograph – but it’s definitely worthwhile. Family portraits are lifelong memories that will be cherished for generations. At Annie Marshall Photography, you’ll get the Family Photography service that fits your needs perfectly. 

Booking the Shoot

Behind every beautiful family portrait is careful planning. Before you book a photo shoot, we’ll discuss what you want your final photos to look like. I tailor my Family Photography service to your preferences with an initial brief as my guide, ensuring you get your desired outcome. 

On the Day

Once I arrive at your location of choice, I’ll prepare my photography equipment and begin shooting when you’re ready. I have worked with many families in the past and ensure everyone is comfortable during the shoot. Each session is typically one to three hours long or until you’re satisfied with the raw photos. I take several shots so that you have a wide range of images to choose from on your final portfolio.


After the shoot, I edit the raw photographs myself. I choose the best images from our shoot, process them and send you copies online so you can browse at your leisure. Once you’ve selected your photos, you can send them back to me for printing. 


I work with professional printing business who care about quality and efficiency. They do countless colour calibration tests on their equipment every day, ensuring nothing less than high-quality photographs at all times. The images are then mounted and displayed in beautiful frames, turning precious moments into lifelong memories.

Whether it’s for display in your home or as a gift to a loved one, a family portrait is one thing I can perfect. Get in touch with me today for excellent Family Photography services.