The first precious weeks of life fly by so quickly that it's easy to forget just how tiny your little one was. While you'll never have those moments back again, newborn photography sessions allow you to create a special reminder of those early days that will last a lifetime.

A typical newborn session will take place when your baby is somewhere between just a few days and 3 weeks old (ideally within the first 10 days). During this period, most babies will sleep frequently and deeply allowing us to position them for their photos without waking them.

Your baby will be small and light enough to cradle in your hands or snuggle into a prop where they will have a natural tendency to curl up as they were in the womb. Most newborn sessions include several different styles to ensure that you have a good range of photos to choose from.

There’s no upper limit on the number of set ups for your session, but the amount that we actually manage to achieve will depend on how cooperative baby is on the day. It’s really important for me to understand your preferences ahead of your session to plan and prioritise the shots that are most important to you.

Newborn sessions last up to two to four hours, allowing plenty of time for top-up feeds and nappy changes. Due to the length of time required, I only have a limited number of sessions available each month.

£250 includes 10 printed images & corresponding digital images


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