Professional Wedding Photography

In Medway, Dartford, Bexley and Kent

Your wedding is a day you’ll look back on years from now. From vows and cheers to laughter and tears, I capture the best moments of your special day with excellent Wedding Photography services. Enjoy every second of your wedding day and I’ll help you cherish the memories through elegant, timeless photographs.

Booking the Shoot

Behind every great shot is a whole lot of careful planning. I get in touch with the soon-to-wed couple before the photo shoot to hear all about your story. During our meeting, I create an initial brief and tailor my photography service to your preferences and individual needs. This helps me bring your vision to life. 

On the Day

Once I arrive at the venue, I set up my equipment and we can begin the shoot as soon as you’re ready. I have worked with many couples in the past and I always strive to create a comfortable, relaxed environment. Each photo shoot session usually lasts from one to three hours, depending on our agreed time. I take hundreds of photos to make sure I capture every image needed for your final portfolio. 


After the shoot, I will narrow down the photo sets and edit the photos in my office. The digital images will be sent to you and you can browse through them at your leisure. Feel free to scan the portfolio without any pressure of purchase. 


If you want your photos printed and framed, I can recommend you to the best printing professionals in the industry. They do colour calibration at least twice a day so that the equipment produces images to the highest standards. Your printed images are mounted and displayed in a collection of gorgeous frames.

Make your wedding day even more special with professional Wedding Photography services in Kent. Book a shot with Annie Marshall Photography today.